Vodburner for Skype is simple, well designed application. It allows you to record Skype conversations easily and presents you with a various options to for recording. It can be used for video calls as well as any other screen activity during a Skype call recording. In terms of recording video and audio Skype calls in high quality, Vodburner is as good as you are going to experience or get, though you will have to bear with the watermark. To get rid of the watermark and access extra features it has to offer. Upgrade to the paid-for version.

Vodburner offers the ability to choose who to show during a Skype call and you can easily add subtitles to your videos to make it look beautiful and precious to watch in the future.

And one word of warning: Before you start to record a Skype call, make sure the other party on the Skype call has Vodburner installed on their computer so that the video does not get watermarked after.

How to use Vodburner


To record Skype conversations in Vodburner, simply download the app and install it on your computer.

After you finish installing, accept the app’s terms i.e. click Start from the menu but in most cases Vodburner will automatically start itself.


You will have to click “Allow Access” when suggested after Vodburner confirming Skype’s request to connect.


This is a really convenient; you just have to get ready to start making Skype video calls since Vodburner will take-off recording automatically. And by any chance it surprises you by not doing the expected, then Click Record to begin recording your Skype conversations.


When you have finished your Skype video recording, click Pause or Stop. And Vodburner will quickly ask you to View and Edit your recording, you can do this if you have time, but if you have no time you can always go back to the recorded calls and edit them.


To get fully done with your Skype video recording, you need to go to the Finish tab; it is on the third tab on the right side. You can convert it into the frequently usable format. However, with Vodburner, only ASF format is supported.


In my opinion, I find Vodburner pretty amazing because it is so simple to install as well as easy to use. Interestingly, you can create and edit video Skype calls recorded. You live and learn with this app. Using Vodburner means that the ball is in your court now. This will be purely a great choice and not required to be set either if you decide to use it.