TalkHelper for Skype is ranked one of the best and solid programs for recording Skype conversations. This software gives you just about every feature you could need from high quality sound to direct set-up and use. TalkHelper allows you to record your Skype calls for free and it whether you want to record audio or video. There are plenty of features found in this software such as ensuring systematic service and edit both video and audio Skype calls in WAV or MP3 format.

As with Talkhelper Skype recorder, it has two versions; the free version and the premium version. The Free trial version is provided by the developers for experimenting first for only 7 days. And the premium version is more worthwhile, in return for paying for the premium version, you get unlimited recording, instant editing options and all Skype recordings are saved safely to be retrievable at any time, any day. Using this app is easy to use, and the instructions are shown on the app listing page.

How to use TalkHelper

First, you’ll need to Navigate to TalkHelper homepage.


After you Download And Install TalkHelper on your computer.


When the installation is done, you launch TalkHelper app to your PC, You go to Download folder and then click on it two times.


Once done, you’ll be able to record Skype calls automatically with TalkHelper because it detects when you make a call. And if you would like to first test the Skype call before you proceed with the recordings, Echo is always available. You can call it anytime to be so sure on what you are about to do.

Additionally, Talkhelper lets you do stuff at your own pace because it allows you to pause, resume and stop any kind of your Skype call recording. This gives you the power to feel like you are in full control of everything you do since you can just go back to where you resumed from and it will still be the same story or on the same page you paused it from.

Ideally, sometimes there certain calls that you would not care to record, and so you turn off automatic recording, then by the time you get an important Skype call, you remember that automatic recording is off, what you do is to opt for manual recording option and then just activate the Record button which is also always in your face meaning it’s easy to access.

After the Skype call has been put to stop when you click on the stop button, all your Skype recording will automatically show up or saved in your named directory on the desktop.


In the end, TalkHelper offers its users some great recording functionality. That’s it. You now have the ability to record both audio and video Skype calls with this virus free software keeping your device safe and clean.