CallNote is just another pretty program that comes with a very simple interface allowing you to record Skype conversations on Skype. The functionality of this tool is really appealing because it records automatically the moment you commence a Skype call. The app will not only record audio calls, but also allows recording of video calls up to 8 members simultaneously. It is free to download and comes with a free trial version which helps you test it and enable you to get a feel for the app before you actually think of upgrading to the premium version which will cost you some money to have it.

CallNote Premium offers you all the features you may need in a Skype recorder such as edit recorded Skype calls , you can also delete outdated Skype recordings.

How to Record Skype calls with CallNote

Find the app store in the Menu bar and click on the app icon to get it. Skype calls begin recording right away using callNote.


You will have to download and Install CallNote on your PC. It will send a message in a few at the top of your Skype requesting for access.


From there, all you have to do is Click Allow Access and you will be good to go to start recording Skype call.


After, just open CallNote’s Call Recording tab, then click Record, and now it will automatically start your call in Skype.


CallNote will warn you when you are just about to make that Skype call something that other recorders don’t have.

When finished, click on the stop or pause on the audio & video tab. Recording will stop and you will be asked if you wish to save the Skype recording.

All Skype call recordings will be stored in folder (Documents) well organised on your desktop. By organised I mean, all the time duration and recipient of people who tried calling you will be visible also editable.


That said, when you make Skype calls, you can still share your recordings to other platforms such YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook and Evernote automatically for protection in the future.

And this way, you can search your recordings anytime on the mentioned platform and find specific parts of the audio or video recording.


I must say that CallNote is very recommendable software that will offer you with exactly what you expect to get from it. It is really impressive with the output video quality, and this is what most of you having been looking for all along. So that’s good news.